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High financial status is really a big factor for many of us. Everyone wants to have a symbol of it (high financial status) in his back. Credit Report is the reflector of your financial healthiness. So it is really essential for you to check your credit report often. Lots of things are dependent on it. It may save you lots of money if you have good credit score, but also can cost you lots of money for the bad one. Credit Report reflects your total credit history. This includes your payment history towards the creditors, like, whether you pay them on time or not, how much credit is available etc.

Now the question is how credit bureaus get your credit history and make a report. They compile all these information from public records and creditors. Out of these, credit card companies are most common who provide the information to the credit bureaus.

Your need to check you credit report often because there may some mistakes. And it is not desirable that you suffer for that mistake which you haven’t done. So you should be attentive enough. These mistakes include; errors in your name or a similar name, sometimes a wrong SSN (social security number), also a closed account listed as current. These things can damage your credit score. But think carefully that you are not responsible for this bad credit score, it’s is due to those mistakes. If you are not alert enough then you may have to suffer. So check your credit report often.

How do you obtain Credit Report?

“The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act” entitles that a consumer can get free credit report from Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax.

Here you will find the details of these companies:

Get your free credit report from these companies

Company: Equifax, Inc.
Phone No: 800.685.1111

Company: Experian (Formerly TRW)
Phone No: 888-EXPERIAN

Company: Trans Union Corp.
Phone No: 800.888.4213


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