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What is a probate?

A probate is a service for a person who has died without a will and somebody has to deal with their estate including money property and possessions left by him. A person from the family of the dead person or someone close to made as “administrator” who is assigned to collect all the money, pay the debts of the dead person to his creditors and distribute the remaining balance to those people entitled to it. Probate is the court’s authority given to a responsible person(s) to administer a deceased person’s estate. The document issued by the Probate Service is called a Grant of Representation.

The Grant of Representation is usually required by the asset holders as proof. This will show out the correct person having the Probate Service’s authority to administer a deceased person’s estate.

You can take the help of a knowledgeable Probate attorney for the necessary legal actions. Search for a Probate Attorney Directory on the internet and you will be able to find a lawyer in your local area.

The Probate service forms a part of the Family Division of the High Court. It deals with ‘non-contentious’ probate business (where there is no dispute about the validity of a will or entitlement to take a grant), and issues grants of representation.


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